ces 2018


2018 is going to be full of surprises including latest innovations. You can see the future of upcoming gadgets in CES (Consumer Electronic Show). This year it was held in Los angles (started on Tuesday 9th of January and ended on Friday 12th of January) in which companies all over the world displayed their latest innovations and products. Let’s delve deeper to understand more about these gadgets.

Netflix in HD on Razer: Known for its high quality cameras Razer introduced its first Smartphone last year and this year it announced that you can watch your Netflix shows in HD on your Razer with 5.1 Dolby surround sound. You will able to do this in next month when Razer officially rollouts its latest firmware update.

Razer Phone Netflix HD

Ultra Game Boy: All the 90s born know the value and importance of Nintendo’s game console and this year hyperkin is going to recreate those moments by launching its gaming console called Ultra Game Boy. It is covered by aluminum portable shell and placement of button is also revised from Nintendo’s second version. The final design is still not completed but company’s official said that it will be available letter this year with the price of $100.

ultra Game Boy

UBtech Walker: This year CES was filled with robots and one robot that draws everyone’s eye was UBtech Walker. Walker is a robot without arms which full all your security needs. It petrol all around home, its motion detector record incidents and also it can dance and play games when there is nothing to do.

ces walker ubtech

Smacircle eBike: CES is a place of new ideas and innovation and Smacircle a company in Shinzhen claims that it built a most compatible bike which weights only around 15 pounds and you can easily fold it in your backpack and also you can lock it with your Smartphone. If you like you can reorder it now on Indeigogo for $650.

smacircle eBike

Whill model Ci: If you are tired of walking then you can check whill model Ci which is a personal four wheel vehicle which will help you move around. It has max speed of 5 miles per hour and battery will last around 10 hours. Company claims you can drive it on various surfaces. You can buy whill model Ci now on $4,000.

whill model Ci

Fenix AR: Looking for Actual reality experience when driving? Then Fenix AR is worth to consider. Fenix AR is a helmet in which you can get Actual reality experience. It will give you directions, you can make phone calls, listen to music by connecting it to your Smartphone.

Fenix AR

EEG headset: Belgium research center displayed its prototype EEG headset which can assess your emotional state. According to company it can help you to improve your learning and remembering skills, it can also match music according to your mood and also has the feature to change your emotions by playing with the sound.

EEG headset

Vivo: Every Smartphone manufacturing company wants to make a full screen phone that has no buttons on it. That’s why Samsung created note 8 with infinity display and apple created iPhone X but iPhone used face ID instead of fingerprint scanner and Samsung change the location of their fingerprint scanner to the back because there is no place on the front to do so but this year Vivo solve this problem by creating a phone that has fingerprint scanner embedded in it.

Vivo Smartphone

Summing up in CES every company in the world get a chance to display its work to the world and get a chance to grow worldwide also we can get a peek of the future.