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Last month I have bought a swegway and driving since and my experience was just awesome. Those who don’t know swegway is a two wheeler electronic board. It just like skateboard but you don’t need to put your extra effort in driving it you just need to manage your weight while to driving. I was just checking the You-tube where I have saw some cool videos of kids who driving swegways. Skateboarding was my hobby so I told to myself why not to give it a try. So I checked on the internet and ordered my swegway from hoverboards.co.uk because my friend told me their quality and service is great and there was also an offer.


At first I found it very difficult to maintain my balance, but after 10 to 15 minutes things started to become easier.  I figured it out all by myself how to drive it. At first put your one feet on the swegway, it’s better to hold something if you are doing this first time. Then also place your other foot on it and try to lean forward slowly, make sure you are doing this in a flat ground. In the beginning, try to drive as slow as possible. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. I found stopping is most difficult part in learning. To stop, you just need to transfer your weight from your toes to your feet and when swegway stops remove your steps one by one. Don’t forget to check Adam Brice’s youtube tutorial on swegways for for information.

In these thirty days I have changed allot. When I was in my college driving skateboards was my hobby, but after graduation life become busy and I didn’t have time to do all that. From the moment I bought swegway my life become adventures again, now I finally I am doing things that I like.

Yes you can’t drive your swegways on road or public pathways but in play grounds and parks you can. If you like skateboarding, then swegway is worth to consider. But make sure that you learn it properly before driving it outside.