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Last year alexa launched its robot that has many unique features including face recognition and wandering all around your house. It can also do some simple yoga moves. This also works as a personal assistant. Yes there are many virtual assistant available in the market already such as Google home and Microsoft’s cortana. But if you are a robot lover and you wanted a companion that can follow you around your home, check your pets, read weather reports, do dance moves and also help you with simple yoga and then you can buy UBTech. Not to forget this tiny robot will cost you around $800.

You can say that UBtech is a smart speaker which is quite similar to other speakers that are available in the market. The only deference is it can follow you around like a zombie. Talking about its other features UBtech is like a jack of all trades. Once you connected it to your wife and your amazon account through mobile app it start to listen and react on your voice. It can show many expressions with the help of its led lights, it also change its eye size depending on its expressions. But I found it quite slow as compare to Google home and cortana.

You can adjust its volume from touch sensitive buttons available on his head. It has very decent volume but you can’t use it in the place of other speakers. The most beautiful thing about this robot is its expressions. When I asked it about how is the weather today then it widen its eyes like it was thinking something and then game me the answer. And When I asked it about yesterday’s basketball game then it knew that my team was lost so it puts its head down in shame.

UBTech Linux

Like I mentioned earlier it can also recognize faces so it comes in handy you just need to give him command to check the home and check all the video on your mobile. This feature is best when you have pets at home.

Wrapping up! UBtech is a great companion that can do many tasks but only buy if you like to have a personal assistant or if you are too much lonely.