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Last month I have bought a swegway and driving since and my experience was just awesome. Those who don’t know swegway is a two wheeler electronic board. It just like skateboard but you don’t need to put your extra effort in driving it you just need to manage your weight while to driving. I was just checking the You-tube where I have saw some cool videos of kids who driving swegways. Skateboarding was my hobby so I told to myself why not to give it a try. So I checked on the internet and ordered my swegway from hoverboards.co.uk because my friend told me their quality and service is great and there was also an offer.


At first I found it very difficult to maintain my balance, but after 10 to 15 minutes things started to become easier.  I figured it out all by myself how to drive it. At first put your one feet on the swegway, it’s better to hold something if you are doing this first time. Then also place your other foot on it and try to lean forward slowly, make sure you are doing this in a flat ground. In the beginning, try to drive as slow as possible. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. I found stopping is most difficult part in learning. To stop, you just need to transfer your weight from your toes to your feet and when swegway stops remove your steps one by one. Don’t forget to check Adam Brice’s youtube tutorial on swegways for for information.

In these thirty days I have changed allot. When I was in my college driving skateboards was my hobby, but after graduation life become busy and I didn’t have time to do all that. From the moment I bought swegway my life become adventures again, now I finally I am doing things that I like.

Yes you can’t drive your swegways on road or public pathways but in play grounds and parks you can. If you like skateboarding, then swegway is worth to consider. But make sure that you learn it properly before driving it outside.

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Last year alexa launched its robot that has many unique features including face recognition and wandering all around your house. It can also do some simple yoga moves. This also works as a personal assistant. Yes there are many virtual assistant available in the market already such as Google home and Microsoft’s cortana. But if you are a robot lover and you wanted a companion that can follow you around your home, check your pets, read weather reports, do dance moves and also help you with simple yoga and then you can buy UBTech. Not to forget this tiny robot will cost you around $800.

You can say that UBtech is a smart speaker which is quite similar to other speakers that are available in the market. The only deference is it can follow you around like a zombie. Talking about its other features UBtech is like a jack of all trades. Once you connected it to your wife and your amazon account through mobile app it start to listen and react on your voice. It can show many expressions with the help of its led lights, it also change its eye size depending on its expressions. But I found it quite slow as compare to Google home and cortana.

You can adjust its volume from touch sensitive buttons available on his head. It has very decent volume but you can’t use it in the place of other speakers. The most beautiful thing about this robot is its expressions. When I asked it about how is the weather today then it widen its eyes like it was thinking something and then game me the answer. And When I asked it about yesterday’s basketball game then it knew that my team was lost so it puts its head down in shame.

UBTech Linux

Like I mentioned earlier it can also recognize faces so it comes in handy you just need to give him command to check the home and check all the video on your mobile. This feature is best when you have pets at home.

Wrapping up! UBtech is a great companion that can do many tasks but only buy if you like to have a personal assistant or if you are too much lonely.

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Today most people work online which give them ability to work from anywhere in the world. But they also face few problems because they didn’t get the right resources every time.  There are many jobs in which you have to travel continuously so you can know the difference easily if you have right kind of gadgets or vice versa. In this article I will give you a list of gadgets that will give you ability to work from anywhere.

Power Bank: Obviously laptop is the must but it is worthless if it doesn’t have the power. Laptops power backup is not more then 8 to 10 hours so you need a power bank that can give you backup. Also make sure it is has multiple ports so you can also charge your other gadgets on it.

power banks for laptop

Internet: Internet is must for your laptop just like fuel for rocket ship. If you are traveling within your country then you can buy a wireless network adapter that will make sure you are connected to the internet. Mostly, we host travel images Online. And by using this wireless network system, we can easily upload images on pixstore via internet.

Internet Adapter

Portable storage Drive: It is very frustrating if you don’t have the proper storage when you need. So make sure you carry a portable storage drive with you.

Portable storage drives

Adapting Power Switches: The biggest problem that a gadget face in foreign country is power switches. In most cases power extensions does not support power switches. So having adapting power switches in your backpack is a good idea.

power adapters

Headphones: Having a pair of over-the-ear or in-ear headphones is a good idea. We all know that music helps us to release stress and also in our concentration.


I pen down by saying that you can do anything from anywhere if you have proper tools to do so.

asus rog Zephyrus


Gaming laptops are known for its bulky size and weight but this year Asus launches its new gaming laptop. At first glance it looks like an ultra book with only 17.9mm thick and weight around 4.93 pounds. It is made with a combination of metal and plastic. When it comes to  hardware this laptop is fully loaded having Intel i7 processor with the clock speed of 2.8 GHz, 16 GB Ram and SSD of 512 GB, it has Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 1080 with Max-Q Design  and also 8GB VRAM is included.

Most interesting thing about Zephyrus is its active aerodynamic system. When you open the lid of laptop then in the bottom a part opens which allows 20 more cooling. It has four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, a headphone jack, a USB type c port and it is to slim for an Ethernet cable so company included a USB to Ethernet dongle in the box.

Its screen 15.6 inch is pretty bright but it has resolution of 1080p which is quite less if we compare it to its rivals but having low resolution screen has many benefits such as improved battery backup, in spite of that it is quite decent actually. Viewing angles and colors are also good which supports Nvidia’s G-sync technology which is ideal for smoother gaming.

Performance wise it is a beast that can perform any task but the biggest problem for this laptop is its keyword placement. You don’t get any space for your wrist to rest while using this laptop. Company does included a rubber wrist rest which you can place in front of your laptop which I personally feel is not that good and make the whole laptop experience more uncomfortable.


Summing up if you are looking for a sleek gaming laptop that looks stylish and has interesting cooling system then you can spend your $2699 but you can also get poor battery life with bad keyword placement.